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Winter Activities To Steer Clear of During Your Pregnancy

Winter Activities To Steer Clear of During Your Pregnancy

Dec 17 2018

The winter time is full of fun activities, like maybe a trip up the North Carolina mountains to see some snow or ice skating in the heart of Uptown Charlotte at Holiday on Ice. Unfortunately, for some winter activities, it’s best to be an onlooker instead of an active participant during your pregnancy so you don’t put yourself and your baby at risk.

“Your growing midsection may create some balance issues for you, so it’s best to steer clear of activities where the risk of falling is heightened,” says Lisa Wilson, a physician with Novant Health Providence OB/GYN. “But it’s not just outdoor activities, there are some indoor activities that you need to avoid as well.”

Our office breaks down the top winter activities you should avoid or maybe alter a little bit.

Skiing or Snowboarding

Going down a snowy mountain between 10 to 20 mph, depending on whether you're just a snow bunny or an experienced skier/snowboarder, while pregnant is not the best idea. One tumble could put your unborn child at risk. The best thing to do is enjoy the fire at the ski resort along with a nice cup of hot chocolate or hot tea.

Providence OB/GYN in Charlotte suggests certain winter activities you should avoid during the cold Charlotte months.

If you can’t seem to put the skis away, then we suggest maybe doing some cross-country skiing. You will be much steadier on your feet and not racing down a mountain.  

Taking a Dip in the Hot Tub

We know, heading into a nice, relaxing hot tub sounds like heaven, especially when your back may be hurting from your growing belly. But the water in hot tubs can reach up to 104 degrees, which is not good for your baby.

Also, you’re at risk of overheating which can cause your heart rate to increase and the blood flow to your baby is reduced. We suggest just sticking to a nice warm bath where you have better control of the temperature.

Ice Skating

Ice skating requires a great deal of balance, and like we mentioned earlier, balance can be a little tricky during your pregnancy. The last thing you want is to take a tumble on the hard ice.

The best thing for you to do is cheer on your loved ones from the sidelines, and maybe take some funny videos of them slipping and sliding along the ice.

Bingeing on the Holiday Buffet

It’s the time of year for holiday parties and delicious meals, but be careful while you’re hanging around the food table.

You will want to avoid deli meats and food that looks like it may have been sitting out too long. One way to stay safe is to make yourself a plate and then ask the host if you can nuke the food in the microwave to eliminate the risk of any bacteria.

Providence OB/GYN in Charlotte urges you to be careful while bingeing on the holiday buffet and steer clear of deli meats.

Also be careful about eating too many chocolates at the dessert table. Remember that chocolate contains caffeine which needs to be limited during your pregnancy. You should only be eating or drinking less than 200 mg which is the amount in an 8-ounce cup of coffee.

Wearing High Heels During Holiday Parties

We know those cute high heels are going to go perfectly with your holiday outfit, but ditching the heels for some adorable flats may be better for you.

Once again, the issue of balance comes into play. The higher the heel, the harder it will be for you to balance. Plus we don’t want you to twist your ankle! That just never looks cute.

We want you to still be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful winter time. Maybe take a cool and crisp walk to get some fresh air for you and your baby. Or just be a cheerleader for your family and friends as they go skiing or ice skating.

It’s also very important to stay hydrated during this time of year. Your skin can get very dry and drinking extra water will help with any itchy skin issues.

We can help you from pregnancy confirmation to post-delivery care. Please call our Providence office at 704-372-4000, our Steelecroft office at 704-384-7900 or our SouthPark office 704-372-4000. We look forward to serving you and your baby during your pregnancy.

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