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You’re Having Twins! How to Prepare for Two.

You’re Having Twins! How to Prepare for Two.

Apr 08 2019

Joy, celebration, disbelief, worry…all emotions that can surface when you find out you’re pregnant. Discovering that two babies are on the way can really be a shock to some moms! 

“Finding out you’re having twins can be an exciting and a nervous time,” says Lisa Wilson, a physician with Novant Health Providence OB/GYN. “Don’t be afraid to ask us all of your questions. You may have been expecting just one baby, and now you need to know how to prepare your body and the arrival of the twins.”

More Monitoring

Twin pregnancies require more monitoring. Expect more ultrasounds, scans and longer exam times. After all, you’re having two babies. Your doctor will speak to you about a plan of how often to come in for checkups, but don't be surprised if it's every week, as you get closer to the due date.

What to expect while pregnant with twins, more monitoring, from Novant Health Providence OB/GYN

Sleeping While Pregnant with Twins

When pregnant with twins, not only does the bigger belly make it challenging to find a comfortable position, but also the added pressure on the bladder will cause women to get up more often during the night to visit the bathroom. 

There are a few things you can do to still get a good night’s sleep. 

1) Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side will be the most comfortable position because it allows for better circulation. If you try to sleep on your back, your back will tend to hurt. Resting on your belly is nearly impossible due to the size of your abdomen and tender breasts. 

2) Place a pillow between your legs/get a body pillow. This will allow you to keep your hips better aligned and reduce the likelihood of any back pain while sleeping. A body pillow will provide your entire body with support. And body pillows are easy to find in department stores or on the web.

3) Sleep propped up. Sleeping upright will help ease heartburn and help you breathe easier. Heartburn meds can only do so much when you’re carrying two. 

What to expect while pregnant with twins, sleeping with a body pillow, from Novant Health Providence OB/GYN

Morning Sickness

When pregnant with twins, your human chorionic gonadotropin will be higher. It sounds real scientific, but this is one hormone that causes morning sickness. Expect a higher incidence of nausea in your first trimester. Ask your physician how to minimize the morning sickness. 

What to expect while pregnant with twins, morning sickness, from Novant Health Providence OB/GYN

Weight Gain

This one may seem obvious, but mothers tend to gain more weight because there are two babies, two placentas and more amniotic fluid. You will have to count calories, but in a good way! You will need more calories for the two babies with most women needing to tack on about 300 extra calories to their diets. We can’t complain about a diet where you have to eat more! Again, your physician will have the best suggestions for proper nutrition and meal planning. Remember, you’re eating for three!


Most moms carrying twins go into labor at 36 to 37 weeks, as opposed to 40 in a single pregnancy. There should be no significant concern for twins born after 34 weeks. Keep in mind that twins are at a higher risk of preterm labor and delivery and have a higher degree of respiratory issues. As a result of being too early, twins may be born at low birth weights.

It might be double trouble for the 34+ weeks of pregnancy, but in the end, the rewards are endless…double the fun and double the love!

We can help you from pregnancy confirmation to post-delivery care. Please call our Providence office at 704-372-4000, our Steelecroft office at 704-384-7900 or our SouthPark office at 704-372-4000. We look forward to serving you and your baby during your pregnancy.

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