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Take a “Mom-cation” at Any Time

Take a “Mom-cation” at Any Time

Apr 15 2019

“It’s not easy being a mom or a mom-to-be and there are times when you have to take a break from motherhood,” says Lisa Wilson, a physician with Novant Health Providence OB/GYN. “One of the biggest mistakes moms can make is not to take some time to regroup and get yourself back to 100%.” 

Sometimes you just need a “Mom-cation” to recharge, relax and refocus. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your new “Mom-cation!”

 All Moms Deserve a Break.

As a mother, we learn to have more patience than most but losing patience for normal things is a sign you know you need a break. You might realize you need a mom vacation when you start cutting corners with discipline, spending less quality time with the family or losing interest in routine jobs and tasks. And don't get started about someone eating the last of your favorite snack. When you find yourself flipping your lid over the little things, it's time for a mom vacation! 

Getting away for a mom can be important, even if it's for a day to recharge. From Novant Providence OBGYN.

You Need (at least) One Day Where It’s All About You. 

Since the day you found out you were pregnant, you have had to think about someone else. You haven't had a day just to have everything focus on you. When you find the time to escape, you will finally be alone and be with your own thoughts. You can connect with yourself to take everything in that is happening around you. You can just be you.  

Why not take a day trip?! Take a day trip to a city or town that you have never been to and will allow you some time on the road to get away. Learn about the local history, browse their unique local shops, spoil yourself at a new restaurant, visit a tourist shop and just be a tourist! 

If you had rather stay close to home, do a Spa Escape. Find a local spa and treat yourself. Let somebody treat you like the Royal Mum that you are. Remember, everything should focus on you during a “Mom-cation!”

Taking a mom-cation is important. A spa day is a simple yet great mom-cation. From Novant Providence OBGYN.

Ask another mom to spend the day with you and make it a double “Mom-cation.” Spend the day doing something you have always wanted to try, go shopping for relaxing items, see a movie, visit a museum or just be moms together. 

Teach Your Kids it’s Okay to Take a Mini Break.


It’s good for your kids to spend alone time with their dad or their favorite relative. With you on your “Mom-cation,” whoever is watching your child gets some quality time doing the things that you'd probably not ordinarily do. New games, new activities, and just a good old-fashioned change of scenery. The whole dynamic is different when it's just the kids and someone besides their mom. So really, a solo mom vacation is a win for the entire family!   

Self-care is necessary if we want to pour into others. 

Being a mom takes a lot out of you. Being at 100% for others all the time is hard work. If you want to be able to do this all day, every day, you need to take time off to yourself to recharge and relax. 

When you sense that your usual healthy and positive daily attitude begins slipping, know it's time for a mommy-cation. When you come back from just being you, you will be ready to get back to the busy life. Ready to be the great mom you already are. But you can still tell everybody to leave your favorite snacks alone!

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