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Providence OB/GYN Provides General Gynecologic Care

Aug 04 2014


At Novant Health Providence Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN), we are more than just a doctor's office, we’re your partners in care. Our team of healthcare providers deliver comprehensive and compassionate care to the women of the Charlotte region. From your teenage years to retirement, from having a baby to navigating menopause, we are here to meet your unique needs. We offer routine annual health examinations, including pap smears, breast exams, contraceptive counseling and general women's health advice. 

"In addition to routine health maintenance, our physicians specialize in a variety of medical problems, including endometriosis, infertility, abnormal periods, peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms, pelvic pain, pelvic relaxation and abnormal pap smears," said Dr. Lisa Wilson, MD. "All of our physicians are certified to perform all gynecologic procedures with several physicians specializing in cutting-edge laparoscopic procedures."

General Gynecologic Care

Novant Health Providence OB/GYN offers general gynecologic care that focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment. These exams and procedures are centered on your comfort and individualized needs. Some of the general gynecologic services we offer include:

  • Comprehensive women’s healthcare including breast exams and pap smears
  • Contraceptive counseling including sterilization
  • Evaluation and management of breast abnormalities
  • Evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap smears
  • Treatment of irregular bleeding and abnormal menstrual bleeding
  • Adolescent gynecology
  • Medical and surgical treatment of uterine fibroids
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination
  • Infertility evaluation and treatment
  • Management of menopausal symptoms: female hormone replacement therapy and alternative non-hormone therapies
  • Treatment of pelvic pain
  • Treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
  • Incontinence treatment
  • Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Screening for cancers of the female reproductive track

"Whether you are a young woman, a new mom embracing motherhood or battling an illness in your midlife years, we are committed to serving the full spectrum of your medical, educational and emotional needs," said Dr. Wilson. 

To schedule an appointment with one of our gynecologists or other women’s health specialists, please call 704-372-4000. Our office hours are: Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also visit us on MyChart.

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