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Providence OB/GYN Provides Preconception Counseling

Providence OB/GYN Provides Preconception Counseling

Oct 02 2014

Caring for your health before you become pregnant will help you learn about any risk factors and medical issues you may have before you try to conceive. Planning for your pregnancy before you conceive will help you make healthy choices for you and your baby.

If you are considering pregnancy in the near future, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for preconception counseling. Our doctors are experienced in providing information and counseling services to couples, and we can help you move ahead with your plans to expand your family.

During Your Visit

We will review your medical, surgical and obstetrical history with the aim of optimizing your pregnancy outcome. Here is what you can expect to discuss with one of our doctors during a preconception counseling session:

  • Overall health of both partners and any underlying medical or surgical concerns

  • Previous pregnancy or infertility concerns

  • Prescription medication use

  • Immunization and infectious history

  • Family histories, including genetic disorders

  • Concerns regarding exposure to any chemicals that may affect your pregnancy
We will discuss what effect a pregnancy will have on your overall health and the potential effects of any medical or obstetrical problems on a future pregnancy. This is especially important if you have a chronic medical disease, such as diabetes or hypertension, which we should treat optimally prior to conception.

It is also important for us to review your family history to see if any genetic diseases run in your family that we should discuss prior to pregnancy. We also recommend that all women start a prenatal vitamin with folate (or folic acid) before they become pregnant.

After Your Visit

We may suggest lifestyle changes that may need to be made to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. These suggestions may include weight loss, quitting smoking or drinking, not taking any medication that could be harmful to the pregnancy or baby, updating your immunizations, taking recommended vitamins and avoiding stress.

During pregnancy, women can continue to exercise. Regular exercise (at least three times per week) is preferred over intermittent activity (altering between periods of being active and inactive). Pregnant women should stop exercising when fatigued and not exercise to exhaustion. Also, a good diet consisting of healthy food is very important. Good nutrition during pregnancy is needed for your baby to grow and develop. You should consume about 300 more calories per day than you did before you became pregnant.

Our goal is to plan the care of a future pregnancy in a way that optimizes the chance of a successful pregnancy outcome. For more information about preconception counseling, or to set up an appointment, please call 704-372-4000. Our office hours are: Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also visit us on MyChart.

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